[INTERVIEW] A good cup of coffee is made with love and passion

By on октобар 21, 2014

I first met Stavros Lamprinidis at the opening of a new Doncafe coffee shop in Belgrade. He is the man that made the most perfect cup of coffee I have ever tried and I soon learned that he is a world famous barista and a winner at CEZVE IBRIK Championship. He has a very unique way of preparing coffee – he boils it in hot sand and perfumes every cup with rose water. This almost looks like alchemy and it’s quite a spectacle. Exclusively for, Stavros answered a few questions on how to make a perfect cup of coffee.


1. First, tell me a little bit more about yourself…

I can not say if I’m the right person to talk for myself – probably others should speak for me. I have only to tell you that I’m living for coffee and I’m alive from coffee. Started to work at 1989 to 1990 as a helper barista and since then I have always been trying to educate myself and have my ears open to listen and learn more. About my achievements –> I have one 3rd place, two 2nd places and one 1st place at CEZVE IBRIK in Istanbul 2010, London 2012 ,Vienna 2013 and Rimini 2014. And I was a finalist at 2009 competition in Cologne and I won 2nd place in the world in 2012 at Seoul, S.Korea. I was also a finalist in 2011 at World Draught Masters at Bouenos Aires with Stella Artois. So I’m involved with coffee and alcohol but mostly with coffee. I’m also an authorized SCAE trainer and very passionate about my job.


2. How can someone make a perfect cup of coffee?

One can make a prefect cup of coffee only if he respects the people who are bringing to us the coffee beans – like families working at the farms. One must also respect the costumer and most importantly himself, because after our shift we are also customers . Except these very important things, we always have to precisely measure and do carefully our job like „doctors“ for coffee :)

3. Why sand? Why perfume?

Sand helps us to have the same temperature from the bottom to the top of IBRIK, so it can boil very smooth and we don’t burn our coffee. And the perfume is here to give an other view on how we can enjoy our coffee except with sugar.

4. What is your favorite coffee beverage?

Any good cup of Doncafe coffee made with love and passion.


So, now you know – the secret to creating a perfect cup of coffee is love and respect. As to everything else in life :)

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